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James Mayfield
Product Lead, Airbnb

Ben has a wealth of experience working in the data space, from low level configurations to beautiful visualizations

James Mission
Sr. Data Engineer, Mitek

Ben would be the first person that I would go to in order to learn something data related. With all the times that I've followed Ben he's never led me astray.

Dustin Vannoy
Streaming & Big Data Engineer, Intuit

Ben provided rich insights on which technologies to learn to get hired, how to communicate with non-technical stakeholders, and solution design for successful data projects.

Our Kickstart Program

Our free course includes these key lessons below

How Data Drives Tech

In this lesson we look at how data has become the most valuable resource on the planet and drives nearly every piece of technology we use today.

Data Roles Overview

There are three main roles in data, analyst, scientist and engineer. In this lesson we look at each one and what those roles entail to see which might be right for you.

Introducing Databases

Databases are the central element in working with data. They've been around since the 1960's and still today drive most of the work you'll do in the field.

Your Instructor

Ben Sullins

Head Data Geek

I'm your guide on this journey to getting your first job in Data. I've been working in the field since the late 90's and have held every job at every level that exists. Through my 20 years of experience I've hired dozens of people that have went on to have deeply fulfilling careers in a field that is ever growing.

My mission is to help you land that first job in the field of Data. In this program you'll learn how to communicate, discover insights, share ideas, and move people to act on your findings.

I've developed these lessons over my nearly two decade long career in Data that includes roles at every level and building large dynamic organizations at the core of a companies mission.

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