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We are a group of working data professionals dedicated to producing the highest quality data analytics training in the world. We believe that the more people knowing how to use data will lead to better decision making around the globe, leaving a better planet for us all.


Program Details

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Soft Skills

In Data Analytics the hard skills aren't enough to get the job done, that's why we cover the topics below to help you deliver your findings in a more impactful way.

  • Finding Your Role
  • Working in a Data Team
  • Understanding Modern Data Architectures
  • Communicating Visually
  • Finding the Signal in the Noise
  • Asking Questions of Data
  • Analyzing Results
  • Presenting Findings
  • Interviewing for a Data Role
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Hard Skills

Knowing how to work with the data requires hands-on training. Our Hard Skills courses provide that training in the main platforms used in Data Analytics. Some example projects are:

  • Analyzing Employee Data with SQL
  • Sales Dashboard with Tableau
  • Sales Analysis in Python
  • Services Analysis in Spark
  • Excel Tips and Tricks
  • Tableau Fundamentals


Sharing Your Work

In our community space you can share your work and get feedback from other students and instructors.


Members of FTD Academy are diverse and represent many different fields and parts of the world.


In the future we plan on offering coaching with the team behind our courses. We may also open this up to members to become coaches themeselves.

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When you register you get access to our entire course library (over 70 lessons)




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  • Q

    What happens after I register ?

  • A Upon registration you will receive a link on your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. There you will confirm your credentials.
  • Q

    Can I get a refund ?

  • A Rather than offer a refund we offer a free 7 day trial, this way you avoid the hassle of trying to get a refund after already spending the money. You can cancel your membership at anytime as well. We want you to find the value in the platform enough to keep the membership going but realize that might not work for everyone.
  • Q

    What if I don't have time ?

  • A You have lifetime access to the library as long as your subscription is active. If you can find 1-2 hours per week you'll be shocked how fast you advance.
  • Q

    Why is it a subscription versus one-time payment?

  • A With our new platform we've recruited more authors and are planning new courses every other month or sooner. A subscription makes sense since we're constantly adding new courses.


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"Ben gave me the skills necessary to land a job in Silicon Valley despite not having the typical background they look for"

Daniel Seisun / Stripe

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